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Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese system of medicine which is acclaimed as an alternative to the modern medicine by the world health organization. It is traced from the time as 5000 yrs old. The age was Stone Age when the treatment was done with the help of sharp stones to prick the body to cure the diseases. Needles made up of bones and bamboos where also used before the metal age.

Now a day’s Acupuncture is the subject of worldwide interest not only due to its tremendous potentials and achievements in Anaesthesia and painless deliveries but also in treating the chronic ailments of the body. The wonderful aspect of Acupuncture is it is devoid of any side effects unlike the modern western medicine.

It is true that allopathy has achieved a breakthrough in most of the diseases but, still many problems have remained unresolved. It should also not be mistaken that acupuncture be used only in the absence of western medicine. Many people in the west are on look out for alternative systems of medicines such as acupuncture to avoid the tremendous side effects and complications of the drugs.

A situation is developing where the practice of Acupuncture is getting into the hands of more and more unqualified people (quacks) who do not possess any kind of medical knowledge. To practice acupuncture, its theories have to be understood thoroughly. A prospective acupuncturist is one who had undergone training in theory and practice of acupuncture. If anyone without such a qualification dares to take up the profession, it is inevitable that he will do more harm than good both to the science and the patient who seeks treatment.

Prof. Dr. R. R. Mahendra Raj, is a Senior Clinician who has acquired D.Ac.,(Diploma in Acupuncture) from the Indian Integrated Acupuncture Training Centre, India under the able guidance of Prof. Dr. L. N .Kothari, MD, PhD, DSc.

Later he pursued M.D., (Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicine) under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Anton Jayasuriya, MBBS, DPhys. Med., RCP(Lond), Mac.F, PhD, D.Litt, He has been treating challenging patients with best results with holistic approach for the past 23 yrs till date.

His care, devotion and dedication in the patients care is his credibility of his long standing success.

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